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We Feed The world

Published 2005

We Feed The World

Why are there so many illegal African immigrants in the European Union?
Why do the Africans abandon their agricultural lands?
Why is it that in African markets are all kinds of agricultural products from the European Union cheaper than the same ones produced locally?
why are many small size farmers, fishermen and other independently run small businesses of the EU going out of business?
How is traditional agriculture being destroyed by the EU?

How the Amazon rain forest land, the size of France and Portugal, is being destroyed to grow soya to be exported to the EU to feed EU cows.


2005 Independent documentary. It shows how the European Union is destroying agriculture in Africa through export subsidies.

The Local African farmers cannot compete against European products whose prices are cheaper due to EU subsidies. The European Union is unfair and inhuman.

Even small and middle size farmers within the EU territory itself suffer because of EU policies. Dutch refuse to pay more than 17 cents for onions from Romania. These policies are made mainly for the benefit of the corporate and financial elite that own the EU political institutions.

Millions of African people find themselves out of work because of this. Not finding jobs at home most of the Africans decide to emigrate illegally to the EU.

Many end up living in southern Spain in very miserable tents build with cardboard and plastic and working collecting vegetables under inhuman conditions. They do not have any legal protections and no social security or health insurance.

International organizations like the WTO, the IMF, are controlled by Europeans Union countries. They force the poor African, Latin American and Asian nations to eliminate any subsidies for the local products and import tariffs on European products while at the same time the EU nations heavily subsidize their own agricultural products and build barriers to the products coming from outside of the EU.

The corporate elite has its own goals. They aim to impose their version of what they call "Free Trade" which simply is the elimination of any obstacles that stands in their way of making profits at the expense of the rest of society. Their goal is to obtain cheap labor; uncontrolled, unregulated and unsupervised flow of capital among their stock exchanges; extremely low taxes for the extremely rich; elimination of the government funds destined to social programs for health, education and unemployment; imposition of higher taxes to middle class citizens; privatization of "everything" from public schools, to hospitals and even water sources like rivers, streams, and forbidding people to collect water from rain.

The corporate elite wants to allow patents for everything related to technical "know-how", as well as science and technology in general. They use the fallacious argument that all of that falls under "intellectual property". According to this anyone who wants to use any technical knowledge to do anything should pay to obtain a license to do so. Thus EU politicians, as in the United States, have allowed the introduction of genetically modified agricultural products. If modified seeds are blown by the wind into the farm land of a farmer, who does not use these genetically modified seeds, the company holding the patent for this seed can sue the farmer for "stealing" its "intellectual property".

In this film we can see how the European Union aims to destroy small independent fishermen in favor of large scale industrial fishing companies. Large scale fishing is very damaging to the environment and produces low quality fish products.

In Almeria, Spain illegal immigrants are exploited given jobs that pay less than the legal minimum salary. The immigrants work in green houses collecting the artificially produced vegetables like tomatoes, oranges, etc. These vegetables are made to look "clean" and "shiny" but they do not have good taste. All of these vegetables are heavily subsidized by the European Union. Then these vegetables are exported to poor countries where it destroys the livelihood of poor farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The EU subsidies amount to more than 340 million euros per year. That is more than a billion dollars a day.

In Dakar, Senegal is the largest West African agricultural market: Sandagar Market. There agricultural products from the European Union such as vegetables, fruits, potatoes, etc can be bought for a third of the local prices.

While millions are starving to death around the World EU countries like Austria throw away 2 million kilos of unsold bread a couple of days old.

European Union countries pharmaceutical companies block the development of low cost medicines by pushing laws that allow patents and copyrights in the poor countries.

Run time 1h:35m
Producer Erwin Wagenhofer
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language Original in German language. English subtitles
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